I’ve been featured or quoted in a number of different publications and media outlets. Here are some of my most recent media mentions or appearances:

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Nightly Business Report – April 18, 2019

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Great price cuts and the value of the store Tesla’s market value evaporated by 2468 billion in one week (Liberty Times)

The man who sold Bitcoin for less than $20,000 set his new catch (Uzmancoin)

Tesla transforms online shoppers’ mistakes and investors sell a large number of shares (ET today)

Continúan los estragos en Tesla por cierre de tiendas; acciones amplían caída (Economiahoy)

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Tesla’s Cost-Saving Plan to Close Stores Hits a Legal Speed Bump: Its Retail Landlords (Fortune)

Elon Musk blindsided Tesla staff with store-closing plans (Orange County Register)

Musk Is Said to Blindside Tesla Staff With Store Wind Down (Fortune)

Elon Musk doesn’t need to be Tesla’s CEO, says top shareholder, as sell-off worsens in wake of store-closure bombshell (South China Morning Post)

Digging Deeper: How Elon Musk is changing the world as we know it (Moneycontrol)

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